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Power Generating Plant

For Sale

2.4 MW


Uninterrupted, Non-fluctuating power

FS: Power Generating Plant
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514 RPM, 3 X 1000 kVA, 60 Hz, 110/208 V

located in California, USA (ready to be disassembled and moved)

zero defects



This diesel power generating plant was built during cold war era to meet the needs of Missile Squadron of US Air Force. The plant was built and maintained to the highest military standards. The Squadron was relocated and power plant became decommissioned after being preserved for instant military use in the the event of state emergency. The plant is ready to be disassembled and installed into a new location.


Engine (3) Nordberg Model FS-136-ISC, 6-cylinder In Line Diesel Engine, 13" Bore, 16-1/2" Stroke, 514 RPM, 1135 HP at sea level, Woodward Type UG-8 Governor
Engine Hours
(since overhaul)
Engine Hours
(total meter reading since new)
Alternator (3) General Electric 1000kVA @ 514 RPM, Power Factor 0.8, Type ATI, 4160/2400 Volts, 800 kW, 3 phase, Amp Field 71, Exciter Volts 125, 60 Hz, Main Amp 139/241 A
Switchgear Complete DELTA switchgear, 3 phase, 120/208 VAC, suitable for paralleling and deparalleling, synchronization, control and protection
Fittings Kohler Gas Engine driven air start compressor Worthington with 2 GE motors and
(3) Air Pressure Tanks @ 250 psi
(2) Oil Bath Air Cleaners with all piping, controls and heat exchangers
Electric Distribution Panel
(3)Vertical Exhaust Silencers
Engine Spare Parts Three sets of pistons, piston rings, intakes and exhaust valves, piston rods, heads; one crank shaft, one camshaft, bearings, governor; complete set of tubes
Generator Spare Parts One complete spare generator
Not Included Building, turbochargers, and radiators for water cooling.
Drawings All plant piping is above ground and entire plant can be easily "match-marked" with engineering drawings, for total plant re-installation.


between 514 rpm Engine (Nordberg) and 1500 rpm Engine (high-speed engine)

 514 RPM1500 RPM
Engine Dimensions4 times bigger1/4 of the size
Alternator Dimension2 times bigger1/2 of the size
Expected Life10 + times longer service life
(400,000 + service hours)
Incomparably shorter service life
Diesel Fuel RequirementAny gradeVehicle grade only
Fuel Efficiency (2.4 MW, No. 2 Diesel)
  50% Load160 Liters/Hr210 Liters/Hr
  75% Load220 Liters/Hr314 Liters/Hr
  100% Load290 Liters/Hr400 Liters/Hr
  75% Load Cont. Operation1,927,200 Liters/Year2,750,640 Liters/Year
  Fuel Savings823,440 Liters/Year 
Maintenance CostsLowHigh
Cost of Investment (New)US $ 3,500,000US $ 2,200,000



A. If the application is for CONTINUOUS POWER, the low speed engine is the most economical choice. The higher initial capital investment will be recovered in a relatively short period of time from lower operation and maintenance costs.

B. If the application is STANDBY POWER, the lower initial price becomes the highest consideration along the expectation of minimal running time.


Sold as is, where is, to the highest bidder.